So cool even I wanna be me (greyandgrey) wrote in sqsubbit,
So cool even I wanna be me

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Hokay. So. Here is de eart. "dang, that is a sweet earth," you might say - hold on, I've just lost myself.

What I *meant* to say, is OK. so. With the recent explosion of 87 masters, I think I'm finally ready to get up off my bum and search. The only problem is that I'm kind of like a skier at the top of a triple black diamond going "Alright. I'm gonna go in 1. 2. 3... 4. 5. 6... 7... 8..." I really just need someone to come up behind me and just shove me down the hill. I need to go tumbling and bumping and hitting my head a few times or I'm never gonna get up the momentum to just *start* already.

So I am asking of you, my fellow subbers: Just shove me to an early demise? Please?
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