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sqsubbit's Journal

The SQ87 Subbit!
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The SQ87 Subbit is our summit planned for whenever-the-heck the seventh Harry Potter book comes out. At that point all the CRAXheads who live aboard the SQ87 sub shall convene in one location. If the world doesn't collapse from all the concentrated crazy, we shall then all get dressed up in outlandish Harry Potter costumes, have a mass hair-dying party, participate in crazy baking experiments, and spent way too much time in a starbucks acting out scenes from a certain fic that Cap'n Gryfny really wouldn't like. :D

So, if you happen to be a member of the SQ87 and are ready and prepared to make the sacred oath of the Subbit, hop aboard and get ready from some crazy butt fun!

*pimp* The layout is by Talimeeka. You can check out her other stuff at silverglassicon. She apologizes for the rude pimpage. *pimp*
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