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Just posted this in the SQ87 thread, but I felt so important of an announcement should go here as well:

*coughahem* There is a new official decree out to all future subbiteers.

Now that I've gotten off my lazy bum and done it, you can do it. In fact, you must do it. It is a new requirement that all those planning on attending the subbit who have not yet figured it out must resume the search for 87 with increased vigor and vitality. If High Inquisitor Ella does not believe you are keeping your nose to the grindstone she will bring out the whip and nobody except Dusty wants that.

There are certain... things, that must be done at the subbit. And y'all must have discovered 87 in order to do said things, so get CRAXing!

On a side note, there are absolutely no clues in the above post. I think. *CHEX* Nope, no clues up there.

~ Your Ginny

(there is, however, the faintest of clues in this post. Unfortunately, it is rather contrived and twisty, and you have to know a whole lot of backstory to get it... and even then it's dubious. So my advice would be to just ignore the pseudo-clue and go about your business before my whip of wrath burns down across your un87discovering arses.)
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